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Bow Valley Elves

Since 2012, the Bow Valley Elves have been coordinating with the high school students and the community at large to connect with seniors at Christmas time.  The program is run by the owners of Rusticana in conjunction with the Bow Valley Christmas Spirit Campaign.

You will find Bow Valley Elves Christmas trees set up in a few schools and local businesses in Canmore and Banff. These trees have tags hanging off them. On the tags is a gift requested by a senior man or woman from the Bow Valley.

We invite you to join students and other community members in visiting a tree, choosing a tag, and purchasing a gift to warm the holidays for a senior in the Bow Valley. You can find the trees at:

  • Bow Valley Credit Union, Banff
  • Rusticana Grocery, Canmore
  • TD Bank, Canmore
  • Canmore Community High School, Canmore

Purchased gifts can be dropped off where Bow Valley Elves trees are found in a decorative gift bag. Please include the gift request tag with the gift.  

We thank the community for their overwhelming support every year in helping us bring joy to the seniors in our community.