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Our  Mission

Our mission is to build strong partnerships with local businesses and our community. As well as a strong focus on engaging our customers in an enjoyable shopping experience by offering unique local products and providing exceptional & cheerful service. 

Click on 'Our Local Suppliers' to learn more about them and what these local companies stand for. 

Thank you to all our customers for your continuous support, we love seeing you everyday!


Our  Story

Rusticana opened its doors in 1978 at the Wood location (formerly the Sherwood House). Rusticana moved to its current location in 1982 and has been providing great customer service for all of those years. It was a true general store in years gone by with fishing licenses, bait and tackle. Long time locals, Christine and Jason de Soto, took over in 2013. They were in the market for a new venture when Rusticana came into their lives. They saw Rusticana as a gathering place of the community, the hub of town, and envisioned a family run corner store like the ones they shopped in as children


Although Rusticana no longer sells fishing supplies, it is what it always has been; a place for school kids to get some candies, a fun place to buy your lotto ticket, a place to browse our extensive local vendors, a place to get an awesome sandwich and expresso, and the first place you go in the morning when you realize you are out of milk and eggs for breakfast. Rusticana is

"Your corner store with more"

Rusticana Corner 2022


Main  Street  Before  Rusticana  Was  Built,  CIrca  1980

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